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Case Managers

Medicrest understands the pressures and enormous responsibilities today’s case managers have on their plate.  We partner with case mangers to ensure the best outcomes for your members through timely response, care focused strategy, excellent systems and reporting, and a team approach working with other providers and resources.  Our expertise with Georgia Department of Community Health regulations reduces your administrative workload and provides you with piece of mind.

How We Help

Assistive Technology

Caregiver Support

Medicrest has sophisticated point of service systems and caregiver apps that support Georgia EVV guidelines, DCH home care regulations, and SOURCE, CCSP, ICWP and Family Structured Care programs.  Medicrest is committed to providing our caregivers all the tools to deliver the best care in the most compliant format.

Online Class

Case Manager Partner

Our administrative staff and Program Directors are always available to case managers so you can get your job done.  We not only partner with case managers, but we understand case managers are our customers and we work tirelessly to earn your business.

Online Tutoring

Language and Community Outreach

Medicrest specializes in providing services to non-English speaking communities.  If you have non-English speaking members we will coordinate services to help you manage your case load.  We interface with you with high-level English-speaking professionals, while providing aides for your members with native language speaking personal support aides.  Call us today for more information about our language programs.  

Sign Language


It’s where your memories are. Where you raised your family and where friends have gathered for life’s celebrations. It’s been your basecamp through good times and bad. And it’s where you want to stay. At MediCrest, our intention is to help you do just that. Why? Because we exist to be your guide to living successfully at home, wherever home may be. It’s our purpose.

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